Total Returns – March 2017

We made just 4 trades in March; RCL April $100 calls expired at zero for a $3,050 loss. BPMC was unlucky and stopped out for a $1.05 share loss after the 2ndary offering. We tried SPY puts and had a very small $800 loss. Western Digital (WDC) $77 calls calls was the solid winner up $8,330 for +212% gain. Frequency of correctness does not matter; It is MAGNITUDE of correctness that matters. April is down on realized trades so far but we have several still open positions. I will update April in a couple weeks when trades are closed. GOOGL, ILMN and WDC need to make up for GWPH and 2 losers in WDC last week (talk about missing it by a week…ugh).