You Make Money First

If you are getting my text ALERTS and not taking ANY trades all last year (+147%) and don't plan to this year...please unsubscribe. Seriously. Please unsubscribe if this is entertainment only. If you are never trading and making money it does nobody any good and only makes me wonder if my PAY WHAT YOU WANT [...]

Acting without KNOWING

Throughout the early parts of our lives, almost everything had a clear result attached to it. In school, we wrote our term paper because that was the assignment. At home, we made our beds and cleaned our room because our parents told us to and gave us an allowance. We were told what school to [...]

Why YouTube Is the Mind-Blowing Gem Inside Google

YouTube has a chance, and will become, bigger than television globally. YouTube has over 1 billion users. 80% are from outside the U.S.. YouTube is on demand or live. I watched an incredible 5-hour live streamed concert from Amsterdam in HD Saturday night on my 60-inch plasma TV. Because I pay $12 a month for [...]