See things as they are… not worse than they are.

Change is automatic… progress is not.

If you blame everything else, then you cannot have POWER. Blame the economy, location, education, wife, boss, politics, god, etc. and you rob yourself the power and energy to think and do something different.

Everyone has a “home” – Angry, Excited, Funny, Depressed, Optimistic, Pessimistic, Loving, Resourceful, etc.

There is a science of being smarter: read more and spend time with people smarter than you and be a sponge. Then teach what you learn so that it really sinks in. Re-read… be a sponge. It takes effort and an open mind to be smart.

There is a science to being happy: have belief and faith that you can create a compelling future, that you have control of so many things in your life. Stand tall, smile, laugh, move, focus on what we are grateful for.

Look at the areas in your life that are great and that we are happy with…. we are focused and taking massive action, have a strategy, seek out the best tools. It is compelling to us.

We make the CHOICE of what to focus on.
Focus = feeling.
Whatever you feel IS the quality of your life.
Love, Gratitude, excitement, certain.

People that are happy have lots of ways to be happy – Mine are sports, music, friends, Laurel, food, work, sex, funny TV shows, writing a great quote every night , sharing and coaching others, learning, finding new stocks to get excited about, lighting Laurel up with a surprise, planning a trip (excitement about the future), going on the trip, (appreciating the moment, appreciating the certainty of home (own bed, own food, own car, etc)) after the trip.

People that are sad have lots of ways to be sad. They focus on what they don’t have, are bored, lay on the couch, watch news a lot (which is almost all bad), stay home, have no music, no dancing or cheering,they aren’t celebrating, don’t have something to be passionate about, have it all with no challenges, decide they have no power, don’t contribute and give to others.

Ask better questions – get quality answers. How can I get fit? How can I make the most money with the least risk? How can I find a girl (man)? Who can I ask for help? What is great about this? What do I really want to do for a career? What books can I read to help me in my job, relationships, health, happiness, parenting, etc.?

Fear and Faith are made up. Think about all the things you have faith in that others don’t. Think of all the things others fear but your do not. It is ALL made up inside of us.

Name the person in you who is unstoppable. The person who overcomes challenges, who is creative, determined, and has massive drive. How unstoppable are you when it comes to protecting your kids, an animal, and your home? How unstoppable are you when you want to be rich? How unstoppable are you when you want to be healthy? How unstoppable are you when you want to be happy? How unstoppable are you when you have faith? How unstoppable are you when you really want to make your parents, friend, neighbor, sibling, spouse happy?