I believe in experiments. And this is a very bold experiment.

If you were subscribing to something new, you might want to:

  1. Make Money – My trading advice is made up of good ideas that actually make you money.
  2. Keep it Real – I keep you posted about winners, but I also admit to losers (though nobody seems to lose on Twitter!).
  3. Start Small – If you are a beginner trader, you can start small with one, three, or five contracts to build up your account. If you want something bigger, go for 25, 50, or 100 contracts! I give you a percent in each trade!
  4. No Subscription – You don’t have to pay anything if you lose money or feel it just isn’t for you. No trial, no subscription, and no payment or credit cards EVER unless you want to.
  5. Pay What You Want – From month to month, you make money (taking profits out, if you like) and pay what you think my trading ideas are worth to you.
  6. Text Alerts – Trading ideas are sent via text alerts instead of email, since we all check our texts before emails these days.
  7. Follow on Twitter – Follow me on Twitter for extra info, updates, articles, and charts @tradeinthezone7
  8. Well-Conceived Ideas – You get five to ten ideas per month, but it will never be five a day or one a month. I try to find the perfect balance of active, but not too hyper.
  9. No Commitment – Opt out anytime, no hard feelings! I was never going to make money if you weren’t, anyway.
  10. Pay Something – If you make $2,000, $10,000 or $50,000, who WOULDN’T pay something? I asked a number of people and most said that they would. This is the big experiment!
  11. You Make Money First – Wish me luck, because this only works if YOU make money first.