If you’re a busy professional, love stocks, have big goals, and can stomach some risks, you are in the right place.

What to Expect

    • First, let’s consider your situation. You sit there faced with this huge amount of information. CNBC, the Internet, analysts, your broker, tweets from hundreds of people. All this stuff piles up in your head. You get spun around not knowing what to think. It’s confusing with so many voices and opinions. Loud people fighting for your attention are not usually the best to listen to by the way. My well-researched option trade ideas are based on earnings, story, charts, and timing. I focus on a unique blend of short term (a few days) and medium term (1-3 months) ideas. This is NOT day trading Y.
    • Here is why TRADE IN THE ZONE is so important today, more than ever before. Just fifteen years ago, there was no Cramer every night. There was no Twitter. Today’s world is completely different. The noise factor is so high that unless you are able to filter, you’re likely to drown in information overload, get overwhelmed and not be able to act with conviction. I spend 15k a year on research and information sources. I filter and make life a LOT simpler for you. You will get confidence in a few ideas, place the trade and are more likely to make money over time. YOu need information and ideas written in a way that doesn’t involve too much effort to understand. A simple intuitive newsletter that enables you to learn ideas, log onto your account and place the trade with some hope and conviction. T
    • The clear advantage of the nightly Trade In The Zone newsletter is you have a roadmap with specific actionable ideas. You will know WHAT to buy. WHEN to buy. WHEN to sell. Yes, sometimes even at a loss. The newsletter is easy to read. You get bullet points, not paragraphs. You are busy and I respect your time. The goal is to learn about trade IDEAS and TRENDS, why they look good and act on them.

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Goal is 50-100% per year

    • Imagination is more important than logic. We want to let trades develop and go for DOLLARS, not dimes. You will trade where the action is. But, you want to make sure you do not get shaken out of the best ideas during the normal market roller coaster day to day moves in the market. You should never worry about 1-3% moves in leading stocks. Why stocks and options? Because mutual funds are boring. If you wouldn’t put a million bucks in the trade, don’t do it. Why? Because the people running BILLIONS at mutual and hedge funds are the ones moving stocks.
    • Subscribers cannot wait to get the newsletter each night. You will love learning about a new company or one you already know about and why the potential is so great. Think Amazon, Google, Spotify, Lululemon, Mastercard, Boeing.
    • How much is it? It’s $295b per quarter. The full newsletter with quotes, analysis, charts and private chat room for 24/7 access…should pay for itself many times over. My goal is 50-100% per year. You will look forward to Mondays and the market open. You don’t have to subscribe. You get to.www.TradeintheZone.com

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What would the perfect Investment/Trading newsletter look like?

  • You can make a lot of money while risking very little with affordably-priced options on the most pricey stocks that refuse to split.
  • The trade ideas will be innovative, up-and-coming story stocks like Nvidia and Amazon. Never GE.
  • You receive ideas quickly and clearly every night.
  • Priced and written for busy professionals who want ideas and sound explanations that are easy to understand.
  • If you check your phone 10x per day. Love stocks. Are too busy to do it all yourself. This is for you.

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Deviate from the default of not trying a trading idea service. It’s 3 weeks. Free. Email PDF once per night. It’s concise. I know you are busy. Less than 10 positions. No credit card or need to cancel before sneaky bill. Go ahead, TRY ME.
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The scoring system in tennis 🎾 is genius to keep players and spectators engaged.

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